Our original thought of how we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year would have been a little tongue in cheek. Instead, we decided to do something completely different – no cooking, no baking, no stress – just celebrating the Lord’s many blessings! We went out and had Indian food for the first time and it was DEE-licious!


When In Doubt…

THROW IT OUT! That works for cleaning out the fridge but in this case it’s about my last post which I deleted. After lying in bed mulling over the event, I realized that neither one of us had actually seen any money change hands. Yes we got pulled over, the driver and the officer talked and then argued. The comment was made about the fine and then the driver was told to get out of the car. After a short time, he got back into the car and the policeman drove away. We were confused at what had happened so the driver explained it in detail as he continued on to drop us at our destination.

Something just didn’t seem right about the whole thing. My post was too negative and I realized that it was based on hearsay. Was it true? Was it exaggerated? I don’t know….but it was upsetting and we did learn a little more about being street wise through it all!

Time to park the bus

We have a bus at the Torre Fuerte home. With 30 girls plus the staff, a bus is a necessary piece of equipment for the ministry here.
But our bus is a 1989 Hyundai. In the last couple of years we’ve repaired – and then replaced – the transmission, had major engine work done, and replaced parts of the floor.
We have new holes in the floor, right over the driver’s side rear wheels. That bright light on the floor is where the metal is separating and allowing the outside light to come in.

Now we find that the insurance company is not happy with our bus. We’ve had insurance under the “student transport” category, but the insurance company says our bus is too old for that. So even after fixing the problems, we’ll have to change insurance to something much more expensive.
So… we’re thinking it’s time to raise funds for a “new to us” bus. Something newer, nicer, safer, more reliable, and insurable. Would you consider helping us with this need? We realize that the goal of $50,000 is pretty daunting, but it’s not a huge amount for a bus.

We have a GoFundMe campaign started. Please check it out here: gf.me/u/wrvad9

The Expectation of Power!

When you live in a third world country, things like power and water (which we all expect to have at all times) become even more appreciated. It’s now 3:00 in the afternoon and we finally have power again! This is not only an inconvenience but it also affects the food in the refrigerator and for us, showers! We have electric shower heads which are also called widow makers since the power here is 220 volts rather than 110. Everyone knows that mixing water and electricity is a no no but that’s the only way to be assured of hot water here in Peru. You learn to be careful and not touch it!20191114_150726


We were invited to a friend’s house (rooftop) for a bbq and it was DEElicious!!! This type of bbq is actually called a Chinese Box. It’s a wooden box with a metal interior. As you can see, the hot coals from the wood are on top and the meat is cooked inside of the box. We had pork and lamb which were both cooked to perfection! The pork had a nice crunch on the exterior and the meat was tender and juicy with an amazing flavor and the lamb was cooked perfectly, too. It was quite a treat!

Had a Hard Day at Work?

These women spent the WHOLE day bent over collecting seeds for the next planting cycle! Talk about back breaking work! It just made me think “How many people think that they work too hard at their jobs?” It’s all about perspective.


A Typical Day for Scott

20191021_165947 (3)

There is a movie screen on the left side of the picture which allows Scott to work while the girls watch a video. He’s really good at focusing!


He also volunteers at the girl’s school by helping them learn English.

Plus, he teaches classes at two churches and is doing pre-marital counseling for a couple!


Dance is such an important part of Peruvian culture that they start teaching the traditional dances as early as pre-school.


Aren’t they just adorable!?

Game Time

These are learning games but they LOVE to play them!


Spending time together and playing as children should, is so important!

Something Special

As many of you may already know, my mother passed away while I was with her in New Jersey. I am SO thankful to have had that special time with her, my sister, and my brother. I didn’t post anything during that difficult time and I’m sorry.

When I arrived back to Perú, I was greeted with shrieks of joy and lots of hugs and kisses from all of the girls – such a blessing! I’m very happy to report that the overall attitude of the girls in the Home is amazing! This is our current TF family pic:

2019 Oct TF Family Pic



One of our girls had an episode the other day which appeared to be epileptic in nature. She’s fine but it really frightened the girls who were with her. Scott was right there and he protected her from injuring herself. This is the first time anything like this has happened to her so please keep her in prayer. She’s such a sweetie. She recently won a competition by memorizing 41 verses!

One of our other little ones was taken to a specialist to investigate why she’s unable to concentrate. She still doesn’t know her letters, numbers, or colors and she’s 5/6 years old. Unfortunately, some negative affects from their past never go away.

On a happier note – We’ll be taking the girls to the beach in January or February which is summer here. Last year, a church in Florida provided money for Christmas gifts for each girl AND for the whole TF family to go to the beach! For many of the girls, it was their first time ever seeing the ocean. Needless to say, it was a huge blessing!

2018 beach trip


If you or your church would like to do something special for the girls, it takes a month or so for anything to get here, so October/November is the best time to send gifts if you want it to arrive for Christmas.

Thank you for all you do for these precious ones!

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