Our Newest Addition

We’re thrilled to announce the birth of our new grandson, Ethan Caléb! Hargrove niños

Pictured above are our South American grandchildren: Micah, Rachel, & Ethan





So Many New Faces!

We’ve been amazed at how many new girls have joined the Torre Fuerte family recently. We thought we’d share an updated photo sheet for you to put faces to the names and see just how precious each one is! Please pray for each of these girls and their situations.

foto sheet

Having a large influx of new girls poses some challenges because they’re unfamiliar with the rules and polices at the Home and we have so few girls that have spent a lot of time in the Home to help set a good example.

There are far more little ones that we’ve ever had before. This is especially challenging for the dorm mothers who need to take care of the laundry, bathing, hair care, etc.

We are glad that the ministry is here to take in these young girls to give them care, protection, and love in Christ’s name.

When it Rains, it Pours!

Living in Peru has it’s challenges. With the recent rainy season (which was extra long this year), there was a lot of flooding. Flooding caused many problems all over the country. From huge potholes in the roads to homes being washed away. The damage is something the country lives with on an annual basis.



The Torre Fuerte Home for Girls stood firm through all the flooding. However, the water system suffered a loss from the pumps being completely submerged, and Scott’s office was completely flooded. This is a costly repair and it was very difficult to not have any water for days. The pumps are now positioned to avoid submersion in the future, and Scott now has an office on the second floor.

Creative Way to Give

14449841_10211223615134746_4681222966999431718_n (2)


Scott’s sister, Julie and her husband, Kevin recently celebrated their 50th birthday with friends and family from all over the world. Rather than accepting gifts for themselves, they asked their guests to give gifts to help us with the ministry at the Torre Fuerte Girls Home. They raised over $600! We want to thank Julie and Kevin and all of their friends for their generosity!


This is a current photo of the girls we’re helping.

Some of our newest girls at Torre Fuerte


Scott making some happy memories with a few of the girls


                             Our newest arrival, Maricielo, is 8 years old.


A typical family meal                                  Maria Mercedes, is 5 years old


Lourdes, 12 years old, came to the Home with her sister, Marleni.

Marleni is 13 years old

We appreciate EVERY one of you who support this ministry whether it’s by giving funds to the Home, giving funds to the Hargrove’s, praying for the needs and well-being of each girl, or coming down to help maintain or improve the building and grounds. Without you, this ministry could not continue!                                   

We pray God’s blessings on each and every one of you!

Time to think

Now that our lives have slowed down a bit. I realized that I never posted anything about my trip to Peru to welcome our new grandson!

Micah & Karla (& Rachel) had their family grow when Micah Samuel was born on June 3, 2016 weighing 7lb. 15oz. and 19 1/2 inches long!








I was blessed with the ability to spend time with the whole family!


I was also blessed to spend time with our Peruvian “daughter”, Monica and

to make brownies with Katherine for her birthday.


I was blessed to be present for the dedication service of Micah Samuel, too!


I had a lot of fun playing the Wii with some of our girls


I was amazed at how quickly Mikey seemed to grow!


God’s blessings are never ending!

Time Well Spent


Scott has been busy in Peru! He’s been teaching seminary classes to prepare young pastors for ministry, reuniting with the girls at the Torre Fuerte Girls Home, reconnecting with our church family in Peru, and spending quality time with Micah, Karla, and Rachel.


I’ve been holding down the home front. Two of our kids moved this month. Daniel & Stephanie bought a new home which is closer to their church and Katie moved back to Washington.

During our furlough, it’s been a blessing to be here for our kids and to spend time with family and friends! My mother came down to stay with me while Scott was gone. Brecke & Casey got to stop by for a quick visit, too!

13178915_10201730761187222_8311852600681429879_n 20160513_121530

We had some wildlife visitors, too! ONE wasn’t so welcome!!!


I’m preparing for a trip to Peru, also. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone but ESPECIALLY my Sweet Baby Girl, Rachel and our first GRANDSON! Scott and I will both be in Peru with a one-week overlap.

As God continues to lead us, we look forward to what He has prepared for us in the future!

He never ceases to amaze me with His Blessings from On High!

Free Falling

Recently, while plunging down a 200 foot drop at 70mph with my hands held high in the air, I came to a new understanding of  the word “trust”.

In January, our kids bought us passes to Busch Gardens. The first few times we rode the insane rollercoaster, SheiKra, we were clinging to the overhead shoulder harness as though our lives depended on it, as if we had ANY control of the situation.

By the third or fourth death-defying experience on SheiKra, the boys convinced me to go through the WHOLE ride without holding on. I was convinced that I could never do it, but I DID. It was quite the rush! We went on the ride two more times without holding on at all, relaxed and completely free-falling, twisting, and turning. I trusted my life to the mechanical, metal monster — and it was exhilarating! I enjoyed the ride to a new level. My holding on wasn’t keeping me safe at all, but instead was keeping me from truly experiencing the thrill of the ride. I am struck with the similarities in my life. I try to “control” my life until I’m faced with a situation where I have NO CONTROL, and I finally realize that I really have never had control in how my life unfolds.

I am not in control of our situation, but God is. I am not able to protect myself or my loved ones, but God is. I am not able to know what the future holds, but God is. Letting go of the death-grip I have on my life, allows me to free-fall, to soar, to take sharp turns, to spiral up and down and upside down with no fear because I know Who controls my life. I just need to hold on for the ride of my life!

I can live my life with no fear because God is in control of EVERYTHING!

“Pass on the Faith”, “Attain a new level in your walk”, and “Trust in Him” now have new meaning to me! My prayer is that our kids experience the realization of being held in the Father’s Hand and are able to enjoy life to the fullest.

As God Leads in 2016


In February, Scott and Pastor Dario visited Washington state to share about the happenings and vision of the Torre Fuerte Girls Home.


Some of the highlights where Dave & Jackie (sponsors of the TF Home) took them, included The Space Needle, waterfront dining, and the mall.


Pastor Dario was amazed at the beauty of the Northwest and enjoyed seeing the snow and making his first snowball.






Scott was able to introduce Pastor Dario to some of the many supporters of TF. We don’t have photos of everyone they met with but here are a few.



They were even treated to a local hockey game!


After Pastor Dario returned to Peru and Scott came back to Florida, we have seen God’s Hand in so many ways. Scott has spoken at various churches and met several new people who are interested in joining the TF team in some way.


Scott has spent the last several days preparing 10 laptops that were donated to the TF Girls Home. He set them all up with the same operating system and programs which will all run in Spanish. He’ll bring them down to the girls at the end of April.


I will be joining Scott in Peru at the end of May.

June is Almost Over Already!

An update is long overdue since my last post was WAY back in January!          We added 2 new girls to the Torre Fuerte family in January – Estefany (16) and Noemí (13).

10830132_871556489541556_4080603189114638504_o     10952903_882419805121891_8369507541141118372_o

                        Estefany                                                 Noemí

In February we celebrated birthdays for Leslie and Monica (our goddaughter) by going to a rock climbing wall. Luke and Monica had a great time and did quite well!  We added 3 more girls Luz Clarita (9), Flor (11), and Yolanda (11) to the family.

DSCF1247                  DSCF1284

10344129_886812318015973_3707318201771019989_o   10001169_897958063568065_2775950937672284619_o     10298578_897958773567994_2744065719224747928_o

Luz Clarita                                Flor                                   Yolanda

In March, Micah & Karla moved to a town four hours away from us where he is teaching English. It is the town where Karla grew up as a child. We also had a group visit Torre Fuerte Home for Girls from Texas. They built the skeletal structure for a computer lab for the older girls to learn more advanced computer skills, they painted, they built cabinets, they spent time with the girls doing crafts, teaching, and playing.  2 new girls arrived, sisters Brittany (13) and Andrie (10).

10845630_10152767913862549_358869259649925337_o     11050243_10152767947992549_5964333075059746069_o

10922657_902289276468277_4446893387042316811_o     10997606_902289273134944_3402430949933330290_o

We celebrated Luke’s birthday (a little late) by visiting Micah, Karla, & Rachel in the end of April into the beginning of May.While we were there, we went on a couple of day hikes.  In these two months we added 5 girls to the family –     Anita (2), Miriam (9), Maribel (6), Anait (6), and Maria Clarita (6)!

DSCF1592      DSCF1760

10987644_925095497520988_6797078914992076226_o  1800120_931093966921141_1754250175432006913_o  11187397_931196203577584_8903882055596081898_o

Anita                                   Miriam                                 Maribel

11103164_937202822976922_8541491644532383031_o     11060255_940226946007843_3383214009353214676_n

Anaít                                     Maria Clarita

June brought us a new opportunity… All three of us were asked to help translate for a medical ministry – a group of doctors and medical students from Alabama.   We’ve added 2 more girls – Milagros (3) and Zalét (10).

11402328_471911332963499_5161288035452256418_o  11393725_471971296290836_1940271485717305263_o  11411918_471916722962960_919987644492105060_o

1908016_943598159004055_9110246152430064268_n         11009338_952751378088733_7672670385200594010_o

Milagros                                             Zalét

We had two girls go back to their family so we now have a total of 35 girls at TF! We have been blessed by those of you who follow our blog (even though I don’t update it often enough) and support us in so many ways!

Many blessings to you all!

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