I completely forgot to post an update for April!
We currently have 25 girls at Torre Fuerte. We welcomed two new girls to the TF family in April. Lizet (11) on the left and Maria (10) on the right.


And we had four of our little ones return to their families.  Please pray for them.

In May, Torre Fuerte will be celebrating 14 years of ministering to girls in need.  More than 200 girls have been helped since the doors first opened!
Another way that we’ll be able to help these girls is to provide an excellent education to help prepare them for the future. We’re excited that the new Vocational Training Center will be opening next year which is the first step to having our own private Christian Girl’s School!



He is Risen Indeed!



Summer Vacation



God Continues His Faithfulness!



Christmas celebrations begin…



Blessing Upon Blessing!

Spending quality time with those we love! ❤

Peru Won!

They’re headed to the World Cup 2018 in Russia! It’s the first time in over 30 years!


Peru vs New Zealand

Michell has her cheeks painted for the big soccer game tonight…Peru vs New Zealand to get into the World Cup! Lizet is on my lap 🙂20171115_152603

Old Toys Make New Fun!


It’s so nice to see the toys of the past being used by the grandkids!


Some of the best toys are the good old-fashioned ones! Rachael and I had lots of fun together today just bouncing the ball back and forth 🙂

Our Newest Addition

We’re thrilled to announce the birth of our new grandson, Ethan Caléb! Hargrove niños

Pictured above are our South American grandchildren: Micah, Rachel, & Ethan




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